October 2017

Is It A Cold, Or Is It Allergies? – How Knowing The Difference Can Speed Recovery

The change in season has finally arrived and our bodies have begun adjusting to the drier air and colder temperatures. It is at this time that I see an increase in patients coming in complaining of a headache, nasal congestion, frequent sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, and..Read More Here.

April 2017

The History of  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?

Although records of disease have been found from around 1600 – 1046 BC in China, due to a lack of clear records before the second century BC, this is when Traditional Chinese Medicine is said to have been born. This is known to be the third oldest form of...Read More Here.

March 2017

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?

TCM is a medical practice that has been around for thousands of years. It uses acupuncture, herbal remedies, massage or tui na, and cupping, in combination with mind and body practices to maintain or achieve whole body health and...Read More Here.

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